Lost In A Sims Game

Hello! :)

My nickname is NekoSayuri\xSayuri and this Tumblr is mainly for The Sims 2 pictures and occasionally downloads.

I might reblog some Anime-related stuff too, Im a huge otaku, so beware. I wont spam though.

I'll follow most sims 2 simblrs back, but don't be offended if I don't.

Apart from that, Enjoy your time. :)




Great simmers :D

Why not use fraps or something else?

I do use Fraps, but I meant the in game pictures they take with their BV camera. They show up in Story mode and you can use those pictures to create an album (the one in story mode). I really like that option. :D I take pics from different parts of their life and put them together like that.

Does anybody knows what happens to the pictures in story mode (the ones taken with the in game camera or bv camera) when you move a family to a different house?
I don’t know why but I remember moving a family once and all their bv pics were gone D: then again I might remember it all wrong…

They come along! :D

Haha looked like some interesting stuff going on there

Sims in TS1 can make out in the hot tub without even being in love XD…

But yea there were some interesting stuff~ :D I wish you could interact with that bear tho ;~;

I played some TS1! Wow that game can get frustrating XD

I got it to work ok. What’s wrong w yours? D:

The log in window just wouldn’t show at all, even though I opened Origin and it showed in the task manager. I don’t know why exactly that happened but I looked for a solution and apparently adjusting my screen resolution from High colour to True colour solved it! :D

Gahh getting Origin to work is such a pain in the ass… ._.

Teaching Kaito how to talk and then sleep time!:D

Kuro: Help! The tiny human is trying to kill me so he can have all of the attention of the owners! Grr… T.T…

Hinata and Naruto came over for Kaito’s one year birthday!:D

Some ingame pictures because I forgot to take them with Fraps T.T

New family pictures. :D

Baby Kaito is born. <3

Naruto came over for Ramen :D

This is one of my favourite things ever that a couple can do. <3<3

Sayuri with little belly and bigger belly!:D