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Great simmers :D

Hinata also had a bachelorette party, but very different. Instead of partying hard or getting drunk, Sayuri and Hinata went to a quiet restaurant and had a nice meal, then took pictures together.

Yeah, it was a bit simple, but Hinata liked it that way.

To keep it realistic, I played Kei and Sora for a while. (Since their son is two years older than Sayuri and Sasuke’s.)

I gotta say I love Kei’s reaction when Sora was giving birth.

And Akira looks so much like his dad and a lot like Kaito too. >.< I just hope they don’t look too much like each other.


Naruto’s odd bachelor party.

The maidwaiter threw food all over him at first which sucked (not to mention Sasuke probably saw it coming one way or another cause he sat pretty far away….), but then he and Sasuke played some pool and Naruto forced Sasuke to take some silly pics (to which he ended up agreeing because Naruto was so annoying and it is his bachelor party) so his mood improved.

Next they went bowling and got strikes literally 100% of the time till Naruto failed and his ball went into the tunnel… xD

Then they hit the club, Naruto got way too drunk, went on this new shiny machine they had there and well….

Let’s just say Sasuke had to take him home after that, though it was around midnight anyway.

Hinata wasn’t pleased at all when she came back home and found Naruto all puke-y on the sofa and Sasuke no where to be seen. 

Naruto took Hinata to their front yard one day for a surprise— She had no idea what it could be, since it’s Naruto we’re talking about.

Then he pulled that out of nowhere.

Hinata tried her best not to pass out of excitement. :D

Sasuke and Sayuri come over to Hinata and Naruto’s place only to spend hours in the hot tub making out along other things…… thank you ACR.

(And I just noticed where her other hand is on the first picture…….. I was wondering about that.)

Naruto almost burnt the house trying to make anything other than instant ramen………….. a few times.


Kuro got jealous of the extra attention Kaito is getting and went to take a nap in Sasuke’s lap >w<

Kaito is so cute >w<

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Thank you for all the goodies:)Can you perhaps make some pantless bottoms with sexy stilettos or d'orsay pumps.Hard to find bottoms with really high heels.=)
nekosayuri nekosayuri Said:

You’re welcome! Glad you liked it. 

If you send me some example shoes you want pantless, I could make that! I’m just not really sure which ones to use otherwise.

Thank you for all the follower gifts <3 *hugs*

Glad you like them! :) *hugs*

I also made some more stuff mostly for personal use but decided I might as well share them.


AL leather boots made pantless by Rented Space. I wanted them with tights so I made that, though I screwed up and took a picture of the adult without them x3 Comes in both black and brown recolours. TF is slaved to AF. Meshes not included, download them here



This one is Sanneke94’s pantless Elexis boots for TF. I also made versions with tights for both AF and TF. TF is slaved to AF. Mesh for TF is included. The AF mesh is not included and you’ll need to download it from Sanneke here.)
The TF tights version requires my AF recolours to work (included). The normal version requires Sanneke’s (not included) so you’ll need to get it in the link above.



My fav! (Just cause I like the pic x3)

Pantless loafers for TF. Original AF pantless version was made by Spacedoll here, and is required since the TF version is slaved to it. Now I only made 3 recolours - Loafers 2, 3 and 4 but if you don’t want one of them and want another I didn’t make, it’s pretty easy to reference the textures. Just make sure you get 2, 3 and 4 for AF so the TF would look right. 
TF mesh is included. AF not included.


Credits: Maxis, Rented Space, Sanneke94, Spacedoll.

Fourth part!


The Bridesmaids dress from Celebration for both AF and TF. It comes in the 6 original colours and the rest are CuriousB’s. TF is Texture referenced to AF. (So you’ll need the AF to make the TF show)





I wanted flipflops, so I made some. Only one colour. TF is slaved to AF.


Credits: Maxis, CuriousB, Migamoo, Ewelina20 on MTS for the bottom swimsuit texture .

Part 3.

Third part! 


This one is Io’s Jersey dress as top only. Around a year ago I shoe swapped this dress 3 times and I loved all the shoes but it really filled up my formal category, so I made this. For AF and TF. Same colours as before. TF is slaved to AF.




As for the pantless shoes - As my last followers gift I made Bunheads’ peeptoes but only in black.
A while ago I saw Keoni’s recolours of the shoes and decided to paste them to my pantless mesh, so this is it.
(I’m pretty sure I changed the blue but apart from that it’s all the same.)
Also includes the white and red recolours originally by Bunheads.
TF is slaved to AF. 
Mesh and black recolour included as well.


Credits: Maxis, Io, CuriousB, Bunheads, Keoni.

Part 2.
Part 4.