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My nickname is NekoSayuri\xSayuri and this Tumblr is mainly for The Sims 2 pictures and occasionally downloads.

I might reblog some Anime-related stuff too, Im a huge otaku, so beware. I wont spam though.

I'll follow most sims 2 simblrs back, but don't be offended if I don't.

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Great simmers :D

Found 3 eggs :D


Some shots from Nina’s condo. I think I took the kitchen layout from someone else’s Caliente house make over but I’m not sure who.

WCIF the dress on the wardrobe in the last picture? Need itt

Can’t make up my mind XD…

EDIT: Turns out Amaryll made a heels version already :D 

So I’m going with flats! XD

I get that issue too with those.

That really sucks. >< They look so nice and all.

synergysims answered your post: Anyone has any clue why this would hap…

Is it possibly caused by having a default replacement of that suit? It says it takes the textures from the game but I’m not sure.

Well it only uses the same textures from the game, but it has its own textures in the file so I don’t think that’s the case :/

I read a bit more in the comments and it seems to be a problem with shaders or something?? 


Ooh! *-* These are cute <33 Nice job dear! (and hi! *hugs*)

Thank you. :D This top is becoming my fav to use XD and hello *hugs back* :3


So I made recolours of Needlecream’s pocketeer top cause I love it. There are only 9, and it was made for personal use at first so it’s only in colours I would use for my guys (sort of limited :$), but I figured I would share it anyway. :D


The colours are as above, save for one that I made after taking this with a black jacket and a blue buttoned shirt.

Mesh is included. I’m pretty sure I edited it to fix some issues, so make sure it replaces the one you have.

Download. (box)
Alter. download. (Mediafire)

Credits: Fanseelamb, Trapping, Aikea-guinea, Needlecream.


Check out my new tutorial HERE> http://lifasims.livejournal.com/4552.html  This is an advanced tutorial for people who are comfortable with meshing clothing in Milkshape.

If you find it helpful, please reblog!

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A huge kitchen clutter set by cassandre on BPS.

For clutter addicts! 53 Meshes+39 Recolors+Collection= 93 files!

How am I going to sort this?! XD


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It’s that time of the year again! The event is eggsactly (loud moan) the same as last year’s event. If you want to get involved then please head over to the thread by clicking on the picture above.

TS2 and TS3 creations welcome!

Anyone has any clue why this would happen?

The object is this.



Does anyone know where I can find Sharon’s top (the purple one) in this pic?

Here. :) It&#8217;s a full outfit though.


Does anyone know where I can find Sharon’s top (the purple one) in this pic?

Here. :) It’s a full outfit though.

Changed the &#8216;live&#8217; in my neighborhood :D

Changed the ‘live’ in my neighborhood :D